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We are a small kennel located in Bedfordshire, UK. We began showing the breed in 2003 when Dom was a junior handler. 

Pinicio was granted to Dom in 2006 with the first Pinicio Min Pin being Dudley, Dimogen Atomic Charge to Pinicio, bred by Di & Dave Gentle, his career was cut short when he got spooked at a show. 

The first Pinicio litter was born in 2012, out of Dory & Donny which produced Kevin & Beverly. They enjoyed a good show career, winning 12 CCs between them & Kevin being Top Min Pin 2014. Kevin was mated to CH Tubize Kathy's Kisses which produced Madison. The ultimate show girl & the highlight of her career was winning the the Toy Group at Welsh Kennel Club 2018. 

We mated Madison to Donny, and hoped we would get similar to Kevin & Beverly as it is a similar pedigree, and we got what we had hoped! Meryl & Edie came out in the summer of 2019 and they completed exceeded our expectations! 

I certainly wouldn't be where I am in the breed if it wasn't for the help of fellow breeders, especially Nicky Mackie, Susan Melville, Donald & Heather Smith & of course my parents!

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I have been judging Min Pins since 2008, and in 2018 I was honoured to award my first set of CC's in the breed. I am now branching into judging other toy breeds.